Blogs We Enjoy

Morning Glory:  Heather, a good friend of Sandy's, posts about everything from her life and random thoughts to her health conscious meals/recipes.  She's cute, spirited, and wholesome.

Mama Laughlin:  Brandi is no stranger to the difficulties of healthy eating and fitness.  Losing over 60 pounds, she logs her diet, exercise regime, and daily happenings.  She's an awesome inspiration.

Skinny Meg:  We found her blog through Mama Laughlin, they're good friends!  Meg posts on her dramatic weight loss, diet, and home decor.  You'll usually find her and Brandi at the gym together and how they work together.

Pinch of Yum:  Lindsay is an avid food photographer and pug-lover.  She is currently teaching in the Philippines.  She has delicious varieties of healthy dishes.

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