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Sandy:  22.  I'm currently a senior in Biology at Iowa State University.  I love dessert, candles that smell like dessert, and making desserts.  I'm hoping to enter the medical field.  In the meantime, I'm working to force my fiance (and co-blogger!) into buy me an adorable french bulldog in the near future that I can name Molly/Rosie/Putsie. 

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 Liza:  21. I am a senior in English and Technical Communication.  Born and raised an Iowa farm girl, I've been living on home cooked, starchy meals my entire life.  I love food.  Pasta, cheese, chocolate; all of it.  I'm a terrible cook, but I'm a great eater.  I can be a pretty picky eater, but I am being brave for our diet and eating lots of things that terrify me.  Like mushrooms.  And onions.  Here we go!

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Ross:  25.  Oh, hello!  Like Sandy, I'm a senior in biology.  Studying has been good for the brain but not the body.  Over the last few years I've left pieces of my youthful health in pizza boxes, deep fryers and beer cans.  At 25 years old I'm looking to reclaim that health.  Thank you for getting this far and I'm sure you'll enjoy our blog.

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